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The Nostalgic Self Care episode

The Nostalgic Self Care episode

August 17, 2019

Welcome to your regular walk down the memory lane of nostalgia with Tai and Christina. Mercury Retrograde threw us both for a loop, a bunch of loops actually, but now that we’ve had a bit of time to get everything reset, this week we discuss some of the things steeped in nostalgia that help us get through rough times. We talk about our favorite shows, music, and movies that make us feel better when we’re feeling a bit low. Also on this episode we catch up to our favorite characters on Pose, discuss some fun upcoming reboots, and Tai has a special announcement. 

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The 80s Season - How The 80s Show Up Today

The 80s Season - How The 80s Show Up Today

July 11, 2019

Continuing with this season's 80s theme, join us as we discuss how some of the biggest things from the 80s show up in today's fashion, music, TV, and it's overall influences on current pop culture.


Hot Topic "Toy Story" Line

Star Trek cruise with Capt. Janeway

Stranger Things Line with Levi

The Golden Girls Cruise 

The 80s Season - Sitcoms

The 80s Season - Sitcoms

June 29, 2019

Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Nostalgia Mixtape. This week we do an extensive recap of the last two episodes of Pose, go through some of the nostalgic things we’ve seen on the internet this week, plus discuss some of our favorite 80s sitcom characters, shows, and moments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast, give us a good review, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @NostalgiaMixpod.


Designing Women - What a read!


Blame it Video with like...8 Oscar winners in it for some odd reason

Mary J. collects her well deserved things at the BET Awards


The BEST cover of the Golden Girls theme song you will ever hear


Golden Girls "The Sky is Falling" 


The Family Feud episode of 227

It’s Our Anniversary!

It’s Our Anniversary!

June 14, 2019

Summer is almost officially here, which means its almost our ANNIVERSARY! Tai and Christina (I sound like I'm in a tin can in space, I know) are back for the beginning of the 3rd season of the show. We go over some of the highs and lows of creating and sustaining own podcast, plus some of the fun things that have gone down since the last time you heard us.

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Hope you enjoy this week's episode!

The Full Recap Pt. 2

The Full Recap Pt. 2

April 18, 2019

Welcome to Season’s 2 season finale! This week, we are going to do a full Nostalgia Recap and go over some of the recent music anniversaries, fun things that have happened in the news, and revivals of some of our favorite old school things.


We’re going to take a short break, but we’ll be back in May with more of the things from the ‘90s to 2000s that we all know and love.


Before you go, check out the original version of “I Want It That Way” called "No Goodbyes"

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One Gotta Go

One Gotta Go

March 30, 2019

Welcome back to the Nostalgia Mixtape! This week, Tai and Christina decide who gets to stay and who gets to go between some classic girl groups, pop divas, hip hop heads of state and sitcom characters. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our show so you get the latest updates. You can do this wherever you get your podcasts, including SPOTIFY!!!! Yes, we are on Spotify now so go give us a follow!


**lil fizz foolishness with Ray J


Teenage Wildlife - AJ McLean and also the greatest BSB song ever "Undone"


High school does "Alien" as the school play


Cruel Intentions cast seeing the Cruel Intentions musical


Clueless cast at C2E2 Panel and Cast Photos


Alternate Universes

Alternate Universes

March 12, 2019

On this week's show, Tai and Christina do a deep dive into some of their favorite nostalgic universes and discuss what they would do if they could live in them. Christina's got big plans and Tai is ready for the shenanigans. Let us know what some of your favorite fictional cities/planets/places by following us on Twitter and Instagram at @NostalgiaMixPod.

A Toast to the 80s

A Toast to the 80s

February 17, 2019

Better late than never, but this week we're going back in time to discuss some of our favorite songs from the 1980s. We go from artists like Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, from Tina Turner to Teena Maria (Christina does actually know what "Square Biz" is), and from LL Cool J to Erik B. and Rakim. Let us know what some of your favorites by hitting us up on twitter or instagram at @NostalgiaMixPod.

Shaft Trailer with the great Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Roundtree

Wayne Brady has a dream...of Mike Tyson singing "Every little step"


Before you this link.

Cartoons and Cereal

Cartoons and Cereal

February 1, 2019

Surpise! We have a theme song!

Welcome to the second episode of this season of the Nostalgia Mixtape. Grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and listen to us as we discuss our favorite and least favorite cereals, as well as the cartoons we would watch while eating them. Don't forget to follow us on twitter and instagram @NostalgiaMixpod for bonus content throughout the week, and make sure you like and subscribe to our podcast so you never miss an episode.

This week's link:

The kid who ate the chocolate powder

Cool man Don Cheadle as Captain Planet

Bangin' on the trash can! Drummin on the street lights!

If you don't think this is Gladys Knight, something's wrong with your ears

Also, this is T-Pain minus the auto-tune. He kills this.

The Black Sitcom Show

The Black Sitcom Show

January 17, 2019


We are back with season 2 of the Nostalgia Mixtape. We hope you all had an amazing time during the holidays and we are ready to hit the ground running and bring you some brand new (but technically old) hotness as we recap some of the best nostalgic things that have taken place over the last few months, plus some fun new upcoming things.

On this episode we cover the 20th Anniversary of Britney Spears' "Baby One More TIme" album as well as Missy Elliot's induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

In our main segment, we discuss what we love and miss about our favorite Black Sitcoms including The Fresh Prince, The Jamie Foxx Show, Girlfriends, A Different World and Living Single.

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The En Vogue Video

Throwback video of Beyonce meeting Tina Turner

Google’s Kevin McAllister ad